BPN Jury citations for Walla Mulla and Bourke Street Parks: “ .. While the parks feature physical, landscaping sustainability, the design goes a step further to ensure social sustainability, which works to prevent environmental criminology. This is a much more difficult task, but the architects have successfully contributed to the building of a sustainable city and community, demonstrating the importance of all architects to think about sustainability in those terms.” And: “they are an outstanding example of integration in urban design, architecture and social responsibility.”

Sir Terence Conran on Seacliff House WIN Award entry: “Elegantly restrained, with no gimmicks which makes it a pleasure…Fantastic rock wall next to a gold mosaic shower”.

AIA awards Jury Citation 2012 “.. a treasure house of ideas. An extraordinary collection of thoughts and moments .. Each floor is memorable, its language inventive, with solutions demonstrating an elastic and curious mind. .. A labour of love, this house demonstrates a remarkable imagination at work…”

Scott Hawken, Landscape Architecture Australia, 2012 “Elegant-yet-tough, graffiti-resistant toilet blocks designed for the two parks .. are characteristic of this energetic design language. The mix of white eggshell-like mosaic tiles, laser-cut stainless steel and suspended wing-like roofs is a breezy and fresh touch in this tough area. At night, bright lighting reflects off the roofs of the structures so that they glow like lanterns.”

Building Bookshop Talk, ‘Buildings and Blobs’ Review, 2004 “[an] imaginative approach that is typical of his work… awesomeness and boundless creativity .. Elliott’s vision is to inspire an innovative course of action .. his inherent creative affections, notably flirtation with the blob.”

Vision for Green Square Competition, Sydney 1995, Jury “..the outstanding entry in the competition. ..presented a brave, imaginative, and achievable future … the vision is based around ecologically sustainable development… a strong master planning strategy.” Dreamscapes and Cities of the Imagination “Chris Elliott views the architectural competition process as a catalyst in the promotion of fresh thought. His rich body of competition work is original in its dreamlike aesthetic yet pragmatic and cutting-edge in its environmental approach.”