• Priddle House

    bold scoops bring light This project for a young family involved adding a living room, kitchen, dining room, study and laundry to the rear of a federation house in Sydney's northern suburbs. In a future second stage a new attic bedroom and en-suite could be constructed within the existing roof, opening onto a large timber deck above the living room. The design provides what was lacking in the existing residence: an abundance of sunshine, light and a strong visual connection to the magnificent trees and garden on the site. The new living areas are composed essentially of two volumes: a steel and glass box housing the living room and a solid masonry box containing the kitchen and dining room. A number of openings are punched through and a "light-scoop" projects out from it. A pyramidal glass skylight pierces the roof of the glass box. These 'light-scoops' continue CEA's on-going exploration of ways of bringing light into the solid mass of a building.
    Client: Undisclosed Location: Sydney, Australia Status: Built, 2000 Photos: Walter Glover