• Macquarie Street Mall

    carpets and astroturf revitalise a suburban mall The rejuvenation of the southern part of a suburban mall called for networked objects, structures and landscape elements. An amphitheatre, informal seating, soft landscaping, shade, an iconic meeting place and a strong gesture to mark the area were also required. Two concepts were developed by CEA. “Magic Carpet” extended a grassy mound providing a soft green space for people to sit, eat their lunch and just relax, re-emerging at other points providing extra seating and helping to integrate the project with the remaining mall area. The spacing of the battens on a shade structure in a free-form curved shape was modulated, as in a musical score, to alter the amount of shade and protection offered at various points. “Tectonic Plates” used shifting platforms of red astroturf for informal seating and extended further along the mall, helping to integrate the project with the other areas. Hydroponically grown vines provide shade via a suspended stainless steel cable net. “Foreign Script Seats” referenced the ethnically diverse area.
    Client: Liverpool Council Location: Liverpool, Sydney, Australia Status: Concept, 2003 Images: CEA