• C-Stand

    We recently entered the Dezeen/Samsung International Design Competition for a stand to support the new Samsung QLED TV. The organizers were "looking for outstanding designs that show how a TV is no longer a technology item, but a lifestyle product". “C-stand” is a simple yet elegant tubular steel stand that would suit any minimal or contemporary space. Its a simple “C” with both ends curled upwards – at one end it curves up to provide the support for the TV. An elongated slot would be cut into the other end of the tube to allow a cable to emerge and disappear into a floor box or alternatively to track across the floor to the nearest available wallplate using the new Samsung clear fibre-optic cable. The product would be manufactured from 40mm diameter bent steel tube. It would be finished with a range of different paint or metallic finishes such as polished or Satin chrome or matte black. The idea behind the design emerged from a process of trying to design a television stand or cabinet that can go in front of a large frameless glass window. We've encountered this problem a number of times in the past. The objective is to have sofas arranged so that the view can be enjoyed and at night the television can also be enjoyed. So the problem is how to design a sturdy and reliable stand which looks good and which has a minimal impact on the view. It should also look good from behind, and the beautiful design of the Samsung QLED makes this possible. The target audience is for anyone who lives in a house or an apartment who appreciates the world beyond and also the art of living well.
    Project Type: International Design Competition 2017 Images: CEA