“When I come home from work after a long and sometimes difficult day and I walk into the beautiful spaces Chris has created for us I immediately feel better. When I go into the shower and open up the roof and look up to the sky I can see birds and the clouds and I feel rejuvenated and refreshed.
Chris is very clever at working with small spaces and making them as efficient as possible.
We were so happy with the results of our project that we have asked Chris to do several more projects for us – firstly the garden deck and fences, then some joinery and storage and now we have a new project underway.”

Michael Hyland – Senior Associate at LHD Lawyers


“Our place is a 1950s semi near the coast. We wanted an upstairs connected to the Pacific Ocean and out of suburbia. Where we can feel the cool off the ocean, listen to the wind in the trees and see a little blue. We also wanted open space and the reconfiguration of our downstairs area. Externally we were interested in a modern look to demarcate the new from the old. Chris is a foremost an artist. Despite the grind of regulation he has protected his imagination. He comes back with multiple sketches, some of them are pretty out there but all are interesting. He doesn’t lose the feel that you are looking for along the way. He is confident and highly experienced. He narrows it down, keeps you happy but stays true to his muse. On the practical side he managed the job from start to finish, working with the builder and actively advising in all regulatory matters. We love what he has created. There are multiple levels and interesting spaces. You can always find a beautiful spot away from family chaos. The space works and makes sense, and nothing is wasted. The place relaxes you and makes you feel good. You loving coming home at the end of the day.”

Martin Keil and Nisha Henderson


I have watched your awarded winning house… WOW! I believe you are the best designer and Artist, specially using confined spaces 6 metres by approx 40 metres site , building five levels. You used all the spaces of the house”.

Marc Yoo (Builder)


Living spaces all work together; we are a small family of 3 and we spend all our time in the one living space now, the kitchen, dining and living combined and its perfect for us because we have busy lives and when we come together it means no one is shut off from the others.

It’s completely changed our lives. It’s transformed our loves. The way we live is more relaxed we are more relaxed people. Its had that much of an effect. It wasn’t possible to function as a family who liked to cook fresh food and entertain. There were lots of things we couldn’t do which went against the grain. We’re an open family. We don’t go down the front of the house anymore. Invites outside in because of the way Chris has designed it. The old house had No storage, so it was constantly messy, we were coping with piles of things, nowhere to put things. This area of Sydney is constantly windy, lots of renovations include balconies but we noticed that people never sit on their balcony as its too windy. Chris has designed a solution to that which is a glass room so you feel like you are outside and you can leave a door a little open to bring in fresh air. “

Chris was a very consultative architect, we had long discussions about different products and materials; he is consultative but he does have strong ideas; Chris was a good listener. Usually we would compromise on prices. Classic example bathroom tiles – he showed me beautiful glass Venetian tiles, which were way out of our budget, so I thought about other things that have glass tiles and I asked if the pool ones are cheaper and have the same effect – by a happy accident I searched on gumtree, and found some excess pool tiles, from an over-order which created the same effect. Because they were so cheap we bought the whole lot, which meant we could do the entire bathroom”.

Melina Morrison  CEO of the BCCM


It was a relatively easy build…The steel frame went together like meccano and the structure made sense. The drawings were good to work from. Some architects seem to draw lines that look good on the paper without really understanding how its going to go together…we found the drawings were good to work from and the details made sense. They looked good without costing the earth..”

Michael Downing (Builder)


I, have worked with Chris Elliott on numerous architectural projects over a nearly 10-year period. This has included small and large alterations and additions, as well as new builds including the well-publicised project “Seacliff House”. Several the projects we have worked on have required a particular attention to detail to achieve the architectural intent as well as a keen resolve to work within the council framework. Chris has been able to navigate this path successfully.

I have always found Chris easy to work and find solutions with, he has an overarching understanding of the building process, so he can relate to and work well with the consultant team. This allows him to deliver better outcomes for his clients. If you are looking for an architect for your next residential project, I can commend Chris Elliott.

Brendon Prentice of Elegant Engineering