• Palm Tree House

    This project for a young family consists of the replacement of the ground floor living areas and kitchen with a large single space reconfigured to suit their casual lifestyle. The family enjoys entertaining and has a rather large extended family so the house is always full of laughter and fun. The clients, both keen surfers, with two children and a dog asked for new living spaces and a new upper level with two more bedrooms. However, they also expressed a desire for one large space at the upper level that could be used as a parent’s bedroom/retreat or could be divided into separate areas to accommodate different situations. The additions were carefully designed to fit behind the existing ridge line to reduce the impact on the streetscape. A staircase winds around and up through the old entry are. It has been inserted under the existing roof and leads to a large addition at the upper level. At the top of the stairs is a large multi-function room that could operate as a very large bedroom or as a bedroom and separate family room. This division was achieved using sliding screens with coloured and translucent glass. Another bedroom was built into the existing roof area at the front of the house with a simple glazed dormer window providing light and outlook. Generous storage spaces and a small bathroom with skylight complete the upper level. The facades are adorned with horizontal cedar louvre blades held together with natural brass components. These elements were carefully designed and spaced to ensure that the potential for overlooking of the neighbouring property to the east was eliminated.
    Location: Sydney Australia Builder: Michael Downing Constructions Size: 154m2 Status: Completed 2016 Photos: Richard Glover