• Festival Exhibition Centre

    a radical, sensual and dynamic structure An exhibition structure needed to capture the attention of commuters. And be column-free with a 4m high opening all around with a strong and unusual visual image. Using the standard framing system of the “aluminium hall” as a point of departure, a free-form structure was developed. CAD/CAM technology fabricated the b-spline curved trusses to produce the required shape. The fabric is draped over the structure and stretched down. The opening walls were an inexpensive tie-down system or a vertical curtain system. Bold graphics and colour, exciting new form, and a new kind of decoration were combined to create an arresting visual image. An intriguing spatial quality with internal graphics and lighting ensures that visiting the pavilion is an experience. The graphic treatment includes definitions of the words “festive, festival, festivity and festoon”, adding vitality by treating the structure itself as message.
    Client: FDC Location: Mt. Penang Gardens, NSW, Australia Status: Concept, 2002 Images: CEA