• Hillside House

    The site for this project was a beautiful semi-bushland site with magnificent views over Sydney's northern beaches. Its a very steep site and it was important to design the house in such a way that moving up and down through the various levels is comfortable and easy. Making a smooth and seamless transition was critical to the success of a project like this, so right from the outset a small lift was incorporated into the design. The basement contains a large garage that can park several cars. Above this is the bedroom level and finally the upper level contains all living spaces, a study a games room and adjacent to this a swimming pool. We did lots of sketches, balsa models and and computer renderings of different concepts before arriving at the final agreed design. Some of the alternative designs are shown here. As with all of our projects we went to a great of trouble to organize pool barriers through the use of level changes rather than pool fences.
    Location: Sydney Australia Builder: Turnkey Consultant Size: 385m2 Status: Under Construction Images: CEA