• Visions for Green Square

    a water-filled future CEA won the first national ideas competition for re-developing the 240 ha site in south Sydney with a scheme that extended the Alexandra Canal into a large water basin. A network of canals lined with four to ten storey apartment buildings terminates with a water basin surrounded by an entertainment complex, retail centre and transport interchange. A new valley connects this area to a major new area of habitation. Road bridges convey the traffic seven metres above the valley, with pedestrian and cycle ways passing below, providing safe places of work, travel and play. Excavated earth from the site creates an enormous embankment, a green buffer zone separating the new housing areas from the main arterial road. It features a vast amphitheatre for outdoor events and theatre. Clean fill generates a large ramped ziggurat providing spectacular views towards the city and Botany Bay. The jury described it as a "brave, imaginative and achievable future, an exciting and evocative description of the future for South Sydney sourced in its heritage.”
    Client: South Sydney Council Location: Sydney, Australia Size: 240 ha Status: International Competition, First Prize 1995