Walla Mulla and Bourke Street Parks win 2013 BPN awards

BPN AWARDSWe won two BPN awards for Walla Mulla and Bourke Street Parks.
Landscape: Winner
Public buildings and urban design: Highly commended

Nice Jury citation for our BPN Landscape Design Win: “While the parks feature physical, landscaping sustainability, the design goes a step further to ensure social sustainability, which works to prevent environmental criminology. This is a much more difficult task, but the architects have successfully contributed to the building of a sustainable city and community, demonstrating the importance of all architects to think about sustainability in those terms.”

And in the Public Building & Urban Design the jurists said this: “Wulla Mulla and Bourke Street Parks bridge the small divide between public buildings and urban design. The urban context the parks sit in serves to elevate their roles in the community, and they are an outstanding example of integration in urban design, architecture and social responsibility.”

More info: http://www.architectureanddesign.com.au/awards/2013-bpn-sustainability-awards-winners/landscape-design-2013-winner-walla-mulla-and-bourk

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